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Carlsberg – campaign EURO 2016

The FIFA Europe Cup – an event that’s not less popular than the Olympic Games! It really joins together all nations over the world. Moreover, it’s a significant event in the advertising world that is why a lot of brands tend to not lose their chance to become a part of this show. As a rule, the result justifies such efforts and millions of fans monitor this event. Especially, when the values of the brand are so close to the values of the target audience.


Brand: Carlsberg, it is the unchangeable beer partner of all UEFA European Championships being the official sponsor for 28 years.


  • To build an effective target audience coverage within EURO 2016 message
  • To support the premium brand positioning and at the same time to emphasize  availability for the active fans of beer and football

Media channels: TV, Internet, Radio.


During the European Football Championship, the main focus of placement the “Carlsberg EURO 2016” video message was carried out on TV and the Internet, according to the selected cross-media communication strategy (Neutral Screen Planning). To further support brand positioning, our agency recommended to create a 3 minutes special daily rubric on the Russian Radio* station (TOP 3 by coverage the target audience) – “The UEFA European Championship” news within a popular morning radio show “Russian peppers”. During the radio program were announced:

  • Results of the matches of the previous day;
  • Position in group, chances to become the finalist;
  • Interesting events, the best moments of the UEFA European Championships 2016.

In the end we achieved a harmonic integration in the morning show – a time slot with minimal changes in radio-listening at the moment of starting the program.

Final results of campaign:

  • More than 200 000 views on Facebook and Instagram;
  • More than 230 mentions of Carlsberg in the broadcast of Russian Radio;
  • ≈85% of target audience cumulative coverage by the end of the campaign.


* in the process of project implementation, the radio station that was broadcasted on the frequency 103.7 in Chisinau (“Russian Radio”) was renamed in “New Radio” with the morning show “Russian peppers” under the new name “StarPeppers”.