«СТС МЕГА ХИТ» - sponsorship project with the integration of the brand "Jockey" - VivaKi Moldova
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«СТС МЕГА ХИТ» – sponsorship project with the integration of the brand “Jockey”

The purpose of the communication: Based on the storyline of the Jockey new TV commercial – “Producer”, we had to cultivate loyalty, rise the advertising campaign awareness and consolidate the updated brand Jockey positioning among current users.

The Agency’s decision: After deep analysis, we identified as a solution – involve the client in sponsorship and product placement in a TV “movies theme” program category, as this activity option allowed us to better deliver the new brand values, to influence the image, loyalty and trust of potential customers.

Since in Moldova there were no programs to meet the required parameters and indixes, the agency has decided to go on the reverse and to create a special program, which would be integrated under the concept of the brand Jockey and to use this program on the channel with the best performance for our the target audience. As a result, we have launched a new program – «СТС МЕГА ХИТ», broadcasted on CTC channel, with the main message of the tagline “Jockey – start with coffee watching a movie on the CTC.”

Description: «СТС МЕГА ХИТ» – a program lasting 3-4 minutes, in which presenter in a fascinating manner tells about the movie of the week (the movies was broadcasted immediately after the prorgam). Additionally, all broadcasted movies, were preliminarily selected and approved with the client and for getting through selection, it had to be rated not less than 7 in “Kinopoisk”.


Sponsorship and product placement appereance were used not only in “Jockey” sponsorship ads, introducing scenes before and after, but also in such forms of production as appearance of 3D dynamic branding elements – coffee bean transformormig  into a jar of coffee “Jockey”.


Since the project has been designed from the ground up and it was not possible to evaluate its performance based on historical data, it was important to correctly predict and guarantee the effectiveness of the project from program ratings and required coverage of audience point of view. Therefore, the premiere programs «CTC MEGA HIT» were actively promoted among the audience through television announcements «Double box» with 30 seconds duration and with the integration of the brand “Jockey” in the program’s intro.


Results: Following the results of the annual activity within the launched project a monthly average reach was 27% (more than 170 thousand people) of the target audience, and for the year the reach was drawn up to 61% (more than 450 thousand people). As a result, in the aggregate with a linear TV activity – this affected the growth of brand awareness by 4%, increasing consumption and preference for the brand by 3% and 2%, respectively.

The main objective of increasing loyalty and consideration of the updated brand Jockey positioning among current users was reached.