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360° Communication campaign for ” КоронА ” and its “Night Train” story

Brand Communication: “КоронА” gives more than a real taste of chocolate. It gives you a sensual experience.

Mini film “Night Train” was just such an experience. In an effort to create something more than just a TV spot, “КоронА” shot a 4-minute video film “Night Train“, which allows to load the target audience to the world of dreams and desires.

The goal: to develop a comprehensive communication plan to reach the maximum number of contacts, taking into the specificity of placing of a 4 minute video, that couldn’t be placed in the usual way on the standard media channels.

At the stage of debriefing in partnership with Client there was made a deep analysis of potential customers. The goal was to answer the questions of the first stage of a comprehensive communication plan in accordance with own SMG agencies methodology – Connection planning: WHY, WHO, WHAT & HOW…


After finding the answers to each question, agency presented a mix of media channels which:

  • Is relevant for the target audience “КоронА”,
  • Increases the effect of quality creative material,
  • Allows to tell the whole story “Night Train” with 4 minutes duration,
  • Saves the Client’s budget.

Description: the developed communication plan for brand “КоронА” includes the usage of classical mass media channels, as well as the non-standard media channels in order to achieve the WOM effect.


A set of proposed media channels has been presented in a «Connection Map» – map of communication with the consumer during his daily activities. For each of the communication stage there were identified and planned it’s KPI’s for more than 3 months period.

Involved media channels:

  • TV, Internet and outdoor advertising including placement in the regions of Moldova;
  • Integration into the content of TV channels, cinemas and Internet pages with the possibility of placing the full version of the story “Night Train”


  • Over the past three months, the average weekly coverage of the target audience was 75% (over 430 thousand.).
  • More than 200 thousand transitions to the official website of the brand http://korona.md/. About 15% – Organic transitions. Average CTR of internet campaign – 8%.
  • More than 3,500 people involved in watching the story “Night Train” by positioned placing in cinemas.
  • Knowledge of the advertising campaign – increased from 0% to 42% over the 8 weeks of the campaign.

The results were evaluated before the start of the campaign using SMG network tool – Intent Modeler, to verify the correctness of the chosen strategy and media mix: