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Digital support for the brand Jacobs 3-in-1

Client: Jacobs 3in1

Goal: Quick increase of brand awareness among the target audience along with a 5% increase of market share (from 14% to 19%).

Description: Agency proposed the use an effective media strategy combining different channels of communication, such as TV, Internet and outdoor advertising. The Internet has been used as a standard way of communication (display advertising) and non-standard, ensuring a more efficient involvement of the target audience.

Results: For the full campaign period we reached more than 80% (890 thousands) potential Jacobs 3 to 1 consumers. More than 800 thousand (which was at that time about 60% of all Internet users in Moldova) for the period of 1 month were involved in the non-standard online project launched by Jacobs 3 in 1. Among the target audience, brand awareness increased by 2,6%, and according to Client’s data market share in category grew by 8%.