Out of home communication for the Samsung brand - VivaKi Moldova
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Out of home communication for the Samsung brand

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  • strengthen and focus brand image,
  • draw attention to a new line of mobile smartphones.

Media channel: outdoor advertising


For the achievement of its goals within use of one media communication channel, the Agency determined for itself the following task – to implement  the complex of available tools in the out of home advertising media channel,  allowing to construct the promotion of the brand with focus on image and exclusivity,  as compared to the competitors.


At the first stage the Agency developed the address program with focus on non-standard and big format decisions (arches, brandmauer, etc.)

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Implementation of the borrowed concept from Ukraine of “Samsung street” – complete branding of one of the main streets in the capital with high traffic, in our case the Viaduct Bridge. As part of this, 68 city-lights were branded. Within the provided advertising format it allowed to draw attention to potential audience of the launch of a new exclusive and premium product, and also to underline the client’s communication compared to other activities of the competitors.

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The decision on full branding of public transport stops became the additional decision to already existing activity that allowed to create a more targeted communication in outdoor advertising.

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The final step for maximizing the effect within the selected media channel – outdoor advertising – was the expansion of the campaign nationwide, by adding to the address program the main regional centers of Moldova.


  • Use of non-standard formats and extension of the address program nationwide resulted in an increase in brand recognition and draw attention to the line of mobile smartphones,

In the absence of data for industrial measurement of the mobile brands awareness the results were evaluated base on the available estimated indirect data and internal data from Samsung.

Samsung case studies results

Base on indirect data from Gemius (http://ranking.md/), which allows us to estimate mobile Internet traffic by the types of used devices, showed an increase of 11% in the 2nd quarter – the period when was implemented full launch of the advertising campaign. Samsung Company has also confirmed the brands awareness growth.

  • On the base of final results, proposed and realized solutions on branding of the street and stops to Chisinau allowed to provide high-quality “outdoor” communication, to thereby direct it to work on the image component of a brand.