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Planning optimization based on AGB and K2 data


Thanks to TV market peoplemetric audience measurement, provided by AGB NIELSEN MEDIA RESEARCH there is the possibility to have the latest data for clients ad campaigns analysis, as well as the latest information on audience behavior while watching tv channels.

The working process with AGB data consists in setting the necessary parameters for certain data in Arianna (AGB software for data analysis) and downloading the raw sets of numbers for further manual analysis, which is done by media persons in the agencies.

Manual analysis of these data amount and based on it, the forecast of potential target audience reach by the end of ad campaign (as one of the potential indexes used during planning), is often a time-consuming process. The time needed for one reach simulation and effective coverage forecast according to the set parameters, takes approximately 20 minutes and the number of required simulations can reach more than 20 per one campaign (which means 400 minutes, or almost 7 working hours).

EXAMPLE of 1 of 3 (at least) stages in AGB data preparing for analysis and planning of the coverage index. A large volume of information should be grouped and then on the basis of selected brands the forecast for the future TV campaign can be made:


Therefore, for planning accuracy and time optimization, at Vivaki,  we bought and use a specialized software – K2 OPTIMIZER. It is a tool for strategic TV planning optimization, which was developed for two main purposes: to optimize the TV channels media split and to simulate the results of target audience coverage.

K2 OPTIMIZER – a tool to be firstly used by VivaKi media agencies in Moldova (ZenithOptimedia, Starcom and MediaVest).


Advantages and a brief history of the exclusive use of the instrument:

  • Allows us to perform a lot of simulations in a short period of time – up to 100 variants of simulations per hour (instead of 20 in 7 hours);
  • An important tool, both in strategic and tactical planning (while controlling the placement of your plans).
  • K2 allows us to respond quickly to any changes in TV viewing for strategical needs, and for campaigns, despite of their duration.

An example of parallel analysis and planning of media indexes for TV campaigns in K2 OPTIMIZER :


The process is accompanied by the involvement of media specialist to set up the parameters for the subsequent creation of finished plans. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes during which media agency also obtain insights and can give better recommendations for a more efficient TV campaign plan.

The results of K2 OPTIMIZER tool acquisition:

  • Guarantee the results by recommended strategies – maximum deviations in reach and other indexes during campaigns placement +/- 3%.
  • 95% of realized plans with the achievement of all the planned indexes, what is very hard to achieve by manual planning based on the same AGB data.
  • We control every cent to be spent efficiently – a rapid response to any changes in tv viewing caused by seasonality, programming changing etc.
  • Minimized risks by eliminating the human factor in daily work and increase results efficiency.