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Aquaterra fitness & SPA club anniversary

Aquaterra 1 UPD

Client: Aquaterra Wellness & SPA


  • open air concert
  • lottery and awards
  • fitness show with the Aquaterra representatives
  • decorations, stage, sound, lights and celebration area equipment

Goal: to organize a loud, fun and interesting event that would resonate long after running it.  

Context: Due to the fact that Aquaterra is a new player on SPA and Fitness market, running a grand and loud event would boost awareness for the brand and would help affirm Aquaterra as a worthy competitor among other fitness and SPA clubs.

Idea and implementation: The event format was similar to Oscar’s, with nominations and awards. A lottery was run and the winners were offered valuable gifts and trophies. Zdob si Zdub were the headliners of the concert.  

Overall there were about 50 people involved as staff.

The event was a great succes despite its privatness.

Aquaterra upd