”Don’t worry about the little things” campaign - VivaKi Moldova
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”Don’t worry about the little things” campaign



Works: Concept, TV Commercial, OOH

The context: At the moment where a group of 3 sharks rule the retail insurance market, it seemed almost impossible for a new brand to have a notable entry.

The challenge: Launch a campaign that would inform and convince young people (the least active insurants) to consider insurance services.

The idea: There are important things that you can’t fully enjoy because of minor details that we have to take care of. But what if you could afford the luxury of not caring of things that the insurer could take care of? The 3 TV commercials exemplify the benefits of having insurance by showing funny and exaggerated situations.

Did it Move? We’ve made the brand look bright, joyful, showing the importance of insurance in a funny and easy to perceive way. A lot more appealing for its target – humour proved to be the right solution for the target group.