"Naturalness" project for ALBA brand, Lactalis Group - VivaKi Moldova
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“Naturalness” project for ALBA brand, Lactalis Group


Client: Lactalis Group, ALBA brand


  • elaborating a web site with virtual video tours and a photo gallery
  • elaborating short movies about the Lactalis ALBA factory in Soroca
  • preparing the TV commercials for “Naturalness” campaign

Goal: To show the authenticity of the production process of Lactalis ALBA dairy products.

Context: In our world, which is oversaturated with synthetic foods it is so important to appreciate those who produce natural products. The project shows the naturalness of the whole producing process – starting with the collection of the milk and finishing with its packing and distribution to the trade points.

Concept: The target audience positively perceives the example of food preparation.   

Reaction: Increase of trust and interest for the ALBA brand and its dairy products.