"After Work Coffee" project for Nescafe Gold Barista, NESTLE - VivaKi Moldova
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“After Work Coffee” project for Nescafe Gold Barista, NESTLE


Client: Nestle, Nescafe Gold Barista brand


  • elaborating video content with famous moldovan women in order to boost the NGB brand awareness on moldovan market
  • developing and promoting the video content on Facebook

Goal: To introduce the new coffee brand to the moldovan consumers and to enlarge the target audience.

Context: Strong, successful women tell us more about their lifestyle and also share some secrets of how they cope having a hectic and dynamic rythm of life. In this regard, the Necafe Gold Barista coffee helps them stay invigorated and energetic.

Concept:  Video content is being positively taken by the target audience, especially when the main characters are famous singers and business women.

Reaction: Boost interest for the Nescafe Gold Barista product and its brand values.