Creating specialized TV program for Nestlè
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Baby Nutrition by Nestlè – creating specialized TV program


In 2013, Nestlè, had a task for us: increase the loyalty and obtain a confidence growth level for the baby nutrition products category.

The target audience for baby nutrition segment is a quite specific and demanding one, that’s why the right content was at the core of the whole idea. So we had to not only specify the brand in communication, but also to generate a helpful and useful content for the young moms (brand target audience).

At the end of 2012 becomes legally possible to use the “Product Placement” in frames of the local TV programs (meaning branding presence and product presence during the program, in the studio). Accordingly, at the begging of 2013 where only few TV programs, that could give the opportunity of product placement and almost none in the needed category.

Taking in consideration all the facts, as an efficient solution to reach the goal, we recommended to build a TV program from zero, which should met the Clients expectations. After the approval of the program concept and format, where held negotiations with RTR TV channel (as it was the most relevant for Nestlè target audience reach and share). And as a result of the negotiations, the approved concept has been implemented, into a new TV Show «Детский мир».


«Детский Мир» – a program, which was entirely aimed to meet the interests of the Client target audience and give them the most useful information at the early stages of life of their children.
Among the guests of the program have been well-known doctors, which have been advising how properly to select baby nutrition at different stages, which doctors should be visited in case of different health problems; discussions were built around by real life examples.



Through the program has been covered over 50% of target audience monthly, which, as a result, influenced positively the growth of product awareness (+6 percentage points), growth of the consumption (+3 percentage points) and also achieved the main task – preference growth by 2 points.