Launching the new Nescafe taste – Xtra strong
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Launching the new Nescafe taste – Xtra strong


Brand: Nescafe 3-in-1

Goal: to organize the launch of the new product to attract consumers into a harmonious interaction with the Nescafe brand.

Used media channels: TV advertising, digital and PR articles in local press.

Description: in order to attract consumers to communicate with the brand, but also to enhance the message of the TV ad, ZenithOptimedia has created the first webcam game in Moldova. The game is a skateboarding contest, which was constantly displaying players, the message: “DON’T GIVE UP”. Thus, the game came to complement the TV ad message that was widely broadcasted on local TV channels.

Results: 1 256 active players attended the contest. Five winners were chosen. A total of 50 thousands representatives of brand’s target audience interacted with the campaign and have accessed our game.