Share a Coke with…” campaign
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“Share a Coke with…” campaign


Brand: Coca-Cola

Brand – Coca-Cola, campaign “Share a Coke”

Description –  During the summer of 2013 Coca-Cola  launched on Moldavian market “Share a Coke” campaign,  during which were created personalized bottles with most popular names. The hashtag #ShareaCoke was aimed to spread a little more happiness among TA.

Agency goal- to create a complex multimedia campaign in order to spread   the #ShareaCoke idea and build awareness.

Media Channels – TV, Digital, Outdoor.


Extra mile: Using QR code on the billboard a person was redirecting to the Aurasma application in which the picture from billboard revives – bottle starts to move and names start to change (see the example below).

Results – 8% of TA used Aurasma application, 85% overall RCH