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How to create catchy content

Do you know that a social network user needs only about 8 seconds, to make a decision if a post is interesting or not?

In this article you can find some life-hacks on how to create a catchy content of your web-page.

First of all, let’s learn how to recognize catchy content.

If your content is good, people will share it and you’ll get great pleasure. Show the people what they want to see and tell their friends and you will reach your goals. Colorful pictures, videos or most widely discussed topics are some ideas of catchy content. The more entertaining and interesting your content is, the more time a reader will spend time on your page.

To obtain such a result, you have to pay attention on the main parts of content.

First one is the topic. Be unpredictable! Usually, people are explaining only one topic and every new post, they just support the previous topic. In time, it creates an effect of monotony, and most likely your reader will read no more than 2-3 posts and will stop looking for something new. To avoid this, try to highlight the topic from different, sometimes unusual parts, or in simple words introduce something new. Such type of information helps you build a conversation with your reader.
The second part is the text. Give the information in a simple way and highlight it broader. How to make this? For this, you have to understand what you are talking about, before writing. This understanding will let you express your ideas better, shorter and more interesting for the readers. Good examples of such short and clear texts are the memes. They are bringing an idea fast and are simple to memorize.
Third part is the actuality of your publications – trendy topics. It is important to know about the freshest developments. Such posts do not have to be long, but have be linked with what you sell. These posts will get reposts because they contain news, which people want to share with their friends.

Moreover, the last but not the least part is visual. How often you stop scrolling your feed to read something more interesting? Sure not every publication! The design of your publication affects the decision of the reader. Nowadays, a reader needs less than 8 seconds to decide if he wants to read the post or not! Therefore, you do not have much time to interest him. It means that we have to choose the design and the essence of our content, accurately. The simplest way to interest your reader is to provoke his emotions. Very often, your content sells by the emotions! Learn the portrait of your targeted audience well. What they like? Humor, scare and contradiction are the main emotional triggers. Use them to obtain likes and shares!

Don’t place too much selling content on your page! It will transform your page in a booklet that people usually receive in shops even if they does not want to. Your audience will not read only about your product. It’s important to introduce entertaining content to create a steady activity on your page. For example, post a picture, an interactive poll, a mini-game or a video. In addition, you can tell a story to your audience – tell your brand’s personality, or about the secrets of your success. Try to become their opinion maker. This way you can simply find some information on the internet. Then edit and post it. One more solution to make an entertaining content is to post an expert’s opinion about your product. Ask your audience what they want to ask the expert, do an interview with him and then post the results. Or establish one main question and ask many experts. Your audience will like this content, because in fact, you are playing the role of a leader, who tells them what they want to know.

However, the most important thing remains the same – be unique!

Generate content, experiment with it, introduce something new and ask your audience:

”Do you like what I do for you?”