The marathon of the best commercial ads of Cannes Lions 2017 - VivaKi Moldova
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The marathon of the best commercial ads of Cannes Lions 2017

Cannes Lions isn’t known just for the Film Festival that takes place there every year, but also for the most important creative event of the year: “Cannes Lions”.

Beggining with 1954, the International Festival of Creativity  “Cannes Lions” is the place where the titans of the creative industry, meet all together.

Inspired from the Film Festival organized there, a group of advertisers from “Screen Advertising World Association” insisted that commercial ads should be recognised and conquer in a great festival as well as artistic movies do.

The event takes place every year in June, and it’s the peak of the marketing and advertising world.

Every year a team of experts select and award the best commercial ads, and 2017 was no exception.

This year, the big prize was won by the short-film commercial: “We’re the superhumans”, in the Film section. It’s a commercial created by Channel 4, a trailer for the Paralimpic games pf 2016.

The short movie portrets the disabled sportsmen as adventurous and ambitious people, as strong as any man.

For inspiration, take a look

In addition to this short movie, we dare you to watch other 15 funny, sarcastic and very creative commercial ads. You’ll find diverse topics, comic situations, and of course – how to sell a produce using humour and day-to-day life situations.