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How to create the most interesting content on Facebook

When creating content for a Facebook page, some people encounter a problem: not enough ideas. Such a situation its most likely to appear when a client decided to make everything by himself.

Let’s consider that our client sells lamps. He creates a page on a social network, and posts a list of his lamps. Later, he posts a note with link to his webpage. Later he writes about why his lamps are better than other’s.

He’ll repeat this process for about 3 to 4 months and then, his ideas will end.

His page won’t get as much likes as before, and now our client will look for an Advertising Agency, or a social media manager.

A more enterprising and economical client will not stop looking and will begin to look for different content that will contain unclear matrix. But in the end, most of the people aregoing back to plan B.

We decided to make this task easier and tell you how we generate infinite ideas for different fan pages. This method assumes the most of “Smart” instructions that you can find on the internet.

How to avoid the crisis of new ideas?

Of course everyone who ever began to promote a page on social media, understands that he/she must begin by telling about his products from fa a broader topic to the nutshell.

But how to make it without boring the target audience? And how to make it, without over-passing it into that time frame when it was the first mentioning of the light in the ancient writing?

That’s why choosing the topics must be done more consciously.


The first step in the right direction will be to construct the coordinate axes of x and y, where the start point will represent our product (for example lamps).



Lamps – are parts of décor, décor is design, design is art and art is life. Following this logic you should complete your Y axe, assuming it with every step. Of course, the main product will remain the same – lamp, but for holding audience’s interest you must present more information. And of course while going far with the storylines,the number of posts must decline to approximatively 3 posts about the main product and 1 not.



Lamp can be a floor lamp, with refined support, with various coloring, etc. You can talk about every component of a lamp. The full information about your product can generate interest and correctly written content will help you to become an expert in your audiences’ eyes.

Lamps can belong to different centuries, different art-trends. Lamps can be for everyday use and also for special events. You can experiment along with storylines, but the main topic will remain the same – lamps.

All these storylines must be placed on Y axe below zero.


Look around

Here, we’ll pay our attention to the point that is closeer to where our product is placed: for example electronics, the history of electricity and design objects.

All of these ideas we place on X axe. For those who are interested in the main product, it will be interesting to read about supplement objects. Of course, such articles should be fewer, but you have to mix your main content with them, to support your audiences’ interest.


The fourth dimension is the time

You have already imagined the scheme where at the beginning we have placed the main product. Then assume, detail, and on the X axe we place related topics.

And so on, we can move up, down, to the left and to the right. So does appear the new trends, the electronics in history, etc.

You can write a text about any futuristic idea about how to use your product or to point out the present.

You can use this method not only for products that we used as an example, but also for writing about literature, pictures, design and advertising.

What is important to remember?

The most important this is to not lose the balance in publications. If you decline too much from the middle, your audience will lose connection with your brand. If you remain too much in the middle, than your publications will become boring and as a result you will lose your readers. Try to move on the whole surface and not to stay at a one place, even if the topic is really what you can talk about.