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The Facebook Marketing Strategy Is An Asset


Ever wonder how to make a Facebook marketing strategy to take you less time implementing?
And, most of all, how you get enough time to do what you can do best?

The Answer Is Simple

It should keep you on the roll. It should keep you interested. And therefore, you’ll have to automate some sub-processes.

As a result, you’ll have more time to create and grow.

  • more time to develop your strategy
  • you’ll have more time to create products
  • you’ll earn more time to work on other important processes
  • and more time to analyze and optimize your work.


In the first article, I wrote about Facebook marketing strategy built for the long-term. So, in conclusion, we found that to create a lasting strategy, you have to develop 2 main things:

  • Content
  • A database (your actual Facebook page fans)


But, to work this out at its best, we will need time. Let’s begin with the basics.


I Believe In Creativity

That’s why my point is to always make it quick and focused. That gives me time to create. I’m a creator in essence and I enjoy my time to create when I want and what I want to.

Maybe you’re not a creator. But you certainly are a professional.

Or at least, a person who has goals as a marketing specialist, writer, or any other professional you always wanted to be.

And that’s the point.


A Facebook Marketing Strategy Is An Asset

Really. You don’t have to waste your time implementing it. Time is precious.
That’s why you need to organize your work in:

  1. Schedules
  2. Timelines
  3. Project deadlines

That will give you control and a free mind. So, let’s start.



You have to decide when you work on your Facebook marketing strategy.
This can be in your morning, for some hours. Or your afternoon, when you’re more relaxed to create content.

Even though I don’t recommend you to work after lunch, I know people who say they’re more productive.

I’m not.

So I’m working on my strategy in the morning, for about 2-3 hours, each day.

Then, by schedules, I mean the days of work, too. Not only hours.

You see, a social media marketing strategy depends on lots of factors. Factors as:

– human behavior
– the time when your fans are online, or
– the time when your fans are most likely to engage with your content

You don’t have to beat human behavior. You have to embrace it.
And that is valuable for you too. You don’t have to work against yourself.

  1. Find your preferred working days for planning your strategy
  2. Then find the days for content curation and research
  3. And then find the days for implementing, creating posts and schedule for the next week

That’s it. Organizing your week by tasks will actually give your more focus.



When you know your next step for your Facebook marketing strategy, it has to be on a clear timeline.
May it be to build brand awareness first, then to work on A/B tests or to optimize, you have to put it on a timeline.

I love to use a Gantt Chart for this. I’ll show you how to do so in a future article.


Project deadlines

I assume everyone knows what a deadline is.
A deadline is not a final day, hour or any timestamp.

From my experience, I have to say that a deadline is a flexible timestamp. That’s bad news, actually.
But, truth is, the deadlines depend on many human, technical and operational facts. That’s why:

  • If you don’t have a systematic way of working, you will be late on your deadline
  • If you don’t have people to help you out in an effective manner, you will most likely to be late on your deadline. It can take 1 day, 2 days later, because it always depends on other people too
  • If you have a slow computer or an unstable software, there’s more likely to be a delay in your tasks too
  • If you don’t organize your creative process, or you stay too long on it, there’s also a possible delay in your time

You got the idea. It’s your responsibility to make it on a given time.

Also, when you work for a client, a deadline is not a stable date or hour.
It is (or if could be) a flexible timestamp, just because of so many factors that impact it.
So you have to plan accordingly and reserve some time. Reserve energy. And finally, do it.


A Facebook Marketing Strategy Should Be An Asset

And it doesn’t have to take you all the time and energy.

It’s your responsibility to make it work for you, even within busy business days.
Because you’ll never know when an opportunity will appear. And you’ll never know how much time it will take you to make it to your advantage.


So plan accordingly. Set schedules, organize timelines and set deadlines with time reserve.

So, never forget that a Facebook marketing strategy should be an asset. As a result, it has to give your more than you think.

In conclusion, think of it this way. And you’ll see the difference.

So, what do you think about this concept?

Did you use it in your Facebook marketing strategy?


Oleg Beznitchi