Outdoor advertising (OOH) Chisinau, Moldova
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OOH advertising

Outdoor advertising (OOH)

Outdoor advertising is known as Out Of Home (abbreviation form OOH) – one of the most common advertising means, after TV. The distinctive feature of this type of advertising consists in reaching people outside of home, specifically in the street.

In other countries there are many different formats of outdoor advertising, and here are some of them:


In Moldova this type of advertising, known as OOH, is less spread on advertising market in comparison to other countries.

Despite the current position on the market, outdoor advertising provides great advantages:

  • Ability to reach people outside their house and influence them – the most important thing, that cannot be accomplished by any other mean of advertising
  1. Vision – Billboards, LED shields, etc.
  2. Vision and hearing – audiovisual screen on the sale points, transport, etc.
  3. Touch – various nonstandard construction


  • Wide territorial coverage that reaches potential customers mostly on streets, in sale points, within large and small stores, on road during trips.

Unfortunately, belief in various myths about “Out Of Home” advertisements still persists and the necessity to use “outdoor advertising” is frequently questioned. As a result, advertising campaign does not reach its goals.

By ordering outdoor advertising services, we guarantee you a transparent scheme of work, wide range of advertising formats and accommodation, as well as best prices. Choosing us, you will know exactly how your money has been spent.

For more information about the outdoor advertising placement, please find us on Sciusev, str.,81/1, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

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