TV and radio advertising Chisinau, Moldova
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TV Radio Advertising


TV Advertising is one of the most effective means to spread a message to a large number of potential customers. It is a convenient and effective method to increase brand awareness and to attract the attention of customers.

TV and radio advertising is top priority for VivaKi Moldova holding. VivaKi is leading on TV advertising market hence providing large advertising placement volumes and high quality expertise. VivaKi has huge experience in multimedia strategy building, exclusive tools for data analysis and results measurement, planning and forecasting results. All this allows us to provide our customers best placement prices and best result in TV and Radio advertising.

The benefits of TV advertising in Moldova:

  1. Massive reach of the target audience;
  2. Suitable for various products or services;
  3. Possibility to target the audience while advertising on television;
  4. Low cost per one contact;
  5. High efficiency and possibility to choose the broadcasting time.

Television advertising is classified according to several types:

  • direct advertising
  • linear placement;
  • sponsorship;
  • product placement;
  • television savers;
  • reports / interviews
  • Individual project (VIP-product).

Benefits of radio advertising in Moldova:

  1. Perfect match of the target audience, most listeners do not switch wave when advertising starts;
  2. Radio audience – 90% Urban population;
  3. Maximum efficiency of radio advertising;
  4. Radio advertising high cost-efficiency;
  5. Excellent way to increase the target audience reach and to support TV campaigns.

By ordering TV and Radio advertising services, we guarantee you a transparent scheme of work, wide range of advertising formats and accommodation, as well as best prices. Choosing us, you will know exactly how your money has been spent.

For more information about TV and Radio advertising placement, please find us on Sciusev, str.,81/1, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Tel: +373 (22) 855374,   Fax:  +373 (22) 855374.

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